The Nyankos

The Nyankos' introduction

Meet the Nyankos, the members of Anime Yorozuya (^_^)\/

Name:      Otaku Nyanko (Otaku in Anime/manga, figures and games.)

Hobbies:   Playing console games, drawing, reading manga & surfing internet.

Likes:       Japanese foods, Desserts, Purple color, cute things and animals, durians, cosplaying.

Dislikes:   Pinky stuffs, smoke, hot weather.

Wishlists: To become an anime/manga illustrator, travel around in Japan and attend the events (Jumpfesta, Tokyo Game Show, etc..)

Name:      Nyanko Pan Sensei

Hobbies:  Reading Manga, watching Anime, eating and sleeping, surfing the internet, Playing online games.

Likes:      Xmas, chocolate, fish, soft smooth materials, fat and round stuff, quiet corners, raining days (especially in the night).

Dislikes:  Climbing stairs, noise, change of routines, crowded places (except for buffet restaurants), warm weather

Wishlists: Owning an anime shop, travel round Japan and taste all those delicious food.

Name:      Kumo Nyanko

Hobbies:  Reading, listening to music (mostly from anime/game soundtracks), likes to ride on clouds to travel around anytime anywhere.

Likes:      Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Law from One Piece and  delicious foods.

Dislikes:  Crowded places.

Wishlists: Travel round in Japan.

Name:      Ichigo Nyanko

Hobbies:  Play games, surfing the internet, reading manga, listening to music, watching drama and anime.

Likes:      Strawberries & Japanese food.

Dislikes: Lady Fingers & smelly places.

Wishlists: Travel round in Japan.